ZKTECO Smart Lock ML300

ZKTECO Smart Lock ML300


  • Biometric fingerprint
  • Digital keypad
  • Bluetooth Gateway
  • Voice Control (Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant)
  • Remote unlocking
  • Compatible with ZSmart App, Amazon Echo, and Google Nest Reversible handle



mart Lock ML300 with Bluetooth-Enabled Keypad and Biometrics Fingerprint

ML300 is a new entry-level fingerprint keypad smart lock with Bluetooth communication. With the compact design and smart core, it amazingly brings a better user experience in all aspects. It’s super easy to install on the existing lever or knob of a single-hole door directly, and finish the lock’s setup with just a few processes in minutes.
The additional Bluetooth Gateway allows you to unlock the door lock remotely, check the log history and share the temporary or dynamic passcode via ZSmart App. More importantly, you can unlock the lock with voice commands when paired with a compatible Amazon Echo or Google Nest device.
ML300 will be a wise choice for private houses, junior apartments, and short-term rental; it creates a more straightforward, smarter, and more convenient lives.!


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